1 1.5 2.5 4 6 10 square Cable spare core sealing cable sealing cable dust insulating cap

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A range of rubber protective caps for a variety of thread sizes. These protective caps are typically used to cover the ends of bolts, nuts, or steel pipes, providing a protective layer and preventing any damage or corrosion. 

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There are various sizes of soft PVC, vinyl, plastic, or rubber packing tubes and square end caps for piping applications.
• Flexible yet Durable--Won't Split, Tear or Shred

• Stretches for a snug fit

• Printable

• Installs without tools

• Available in High-Temp Formula

Dimensions : from 1.5mm to 200mm 

Applications include

• Threade protectors
• Product finishing
• Masking
• Moisture & Dust Protection
• Color Coding
• Insulation protection

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