Celebraion Dipping Machine New Arrival,PVC sheaths machine

Celebraion Dipping Machine New Arrival

Yueqing Junsu Electric Sheath Co add two new Dip Machines in 2024 !

The company has 20 years of practical production experience in impregnation, mainly serving as a one-stop professional production and sales enterprise for impregnation machinery design and manufacturing, PVC impregnation raw material production, and impregnation product processing and production. Its products are widely used in various metal material surface plastic material full package, partial package, and soft material coating on the surface of glass containers. Its products are widely used and are a relatively new surface coating process in recent years. We can design and manufacture complete sets of professional production line equipment according to the product needs of production users; Provide raw material supply according to product requirements (such as acid and alkali corrosion resistance, insulation, flame retardancy, weather resistance, tensile strength, soft hardness, etc.); It can also be processed and produced according to the user’s product needs.

1. Various hardware tool handles and protective covers;
2. Various mechanical, automotive, and circuit pipeline clamps;
3. Surface coating of various sports equipment, fitness equipment, etc;
4. Various household items (including refrigerator and freezer shelves, anti slip hangers, baskets, flower racks, and other frame types) are coated with anti-corrosion plastic on the surface;
5. Environmental protection, anti-corrosion, and plastic coating treatment of metal frames such as shrimp cages used for aquaculture in various seawater and lake waters;


Post time: Mar-08-2024