Rubber PVC screw and bolt protective sleeve hexagonal nut protective cap

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Rubber PVC screw and bolt boots are sleeves made of rubber designed to slide over the threaded portion of a screw or bolt. It acts as a protective barrier, providing insulation, cushioning, and protection against corrosion and damage. Rubber boots absorb vibration and reduce noise, making them ideal for a variety of applications.

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Material: Soft PVC
Color: Black,Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,Clear etc
Working Temperature: -40 to 105
Broken Voltage: 10KV
Flame Retartand: UL94V-0
Enviroment Friendly Standard: ROHS,REACH Etc
Size: JS Series
Manufacturer: Yes
OEM/ODM Welcome

Hex nut protection caps are caps specially designed to fit over hex nuts. It protects against elements such as dust, moisture, and debris. It also helps prevent accidental loosening of nuts and provides a nice finished look. The PVC anchor bolt protection cap is a cap made of PVC material used to cover and protect the end of the anchor bolt. It provides insulation, conductivity and corrosion protection, preventing moisture and other corrosive elements from affecting the bolt. A multi-angle nut cap is a cap designed to fit over a nut and allow adjustment and tightening from multiple angles. It provides convenience and flexibility when using nuts in hard-to-reach or confined spaces. The cap typically has a hexagonal shape with various angles or protrusions to accommodate different tool orientations. These protective caps play an important role in maintaining the integrity and life of screws, bolts, nuts, anchor bolts and other fasteners. They help prevent damage, corrosion and wear, ensuring the reliability and performance of fastened components.


Material: Soft PVC
Maximum Broken Temperature : 105°c
For the insulation works of wire end terminal
Performing the work with a simple one touch to tighten and seal
Standard color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green ,White, Grey and Brown


Packed in PP bag first, then in carton and pallet if necessary.



Q1. Can you provide sample to test?
Yes,  JSYQ provides customers free samples and catalog within one day on request.

Q2. What's your MOQ?
No MOQ requirement, we offer Mini pack and Micro Pack to meet your less than case quantity requirement.

Q3. What's your delivery time?
3-5 working days for thousands of in-stock items;
1-5 weeks for non-stock items upon order quantites.

Q4. What's your incoterms?
EXW,FOB,CIF,CFR or negotiated with each other.

Q5. What's your terms of payment?
T/T 100% in advance for trial order/ Sample order.
For bulk or large order, By T/T 30 in advance, the balance 70% before shipment.

Q6. What certificate do you have for your products?
Our products are compliant with RoHS, REACH, UL94v-0 Flame Retardancy.

Q7. Can you make the plastic or rubber parts in different colors and shapes?
Yes,JSYQ is glad to provide the parts in different colors to meet the customer's requirement. For custom parts, please contact the sales to get more detailed reply.

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