Terminal block soft rubber pipe type battery type terminal insulation sheath pile head battery protection sleeve

Short Description:

1.Wear resistant, anti-corrosion, smooth luster, heat resistant

2.pressure resistant, waterproof

3.dustproof environmental certification, EU standard flame retardant standard quality certification

4.wear-resistant, pressure resistant, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, smooth, and thick luster



Product Detail

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This car bttery cover can Protects alternator and electrical system from shorts
Reduces risk of battery explosion caused by accidental sparks
Protects Cable, Terminal and Connectors from grease and debris
High temperature PVC construction rated at 105°C
Color coded for easy polarity identification
Battery cover Color: red + black ,battery terminal heat shields, PVC cable ear protectors, suitable for automotive and commercial and electric sports, thermally insulated rubber cover skin tool parts

1.Complete specifications, or can be customized according to buyer needs.
2.Red and black other colors can be customized.
3.PVC material, hardness 60 degrees
4. New material, strong toughness and durability

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