Washing machine accessories PVC tower type insulation sheath home wire harness connector waterproof cover wire harness tower type waterproof sheath

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PVC Tower Insulation Sheath: This is a protective sheath made of PVC material, used to insulate and protect the wires, cables inside the washing machine. Household wire harness connectors: Wire harness connectors are used to connect various wires and cables inside the washing machine to ensure safe and reliable connections.

  • Color: black, red, blue, green, clear etc.
  • Heat resistant: 100℃
  • Model Type: JS Series
  • Thickness: 0.8-1.5mm
  • Material: PVC
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    Waterproof cover: Waterproof cover is used to protect sensitive parts of the washing machine, such as electrical connections or panels, from water and moisture. Wiring Harness: A wiring harness is a bundle of wires or cables that are used to carry signals or power between the different components inside the washing machine. Tower Waterproof Jacket: Similar to PVC insulation jackets, Tower Waterproof Jackets are designed to provide protection from moisture and water damage. It is typically used in areas where water exposure is a concern, such as around plumbing connections or in wet environments. These accessories and components are very important to ensure the proper operation and life of your washing machine.


    Strong and not easy to break, good toughness and corrosion resistance, tower-shaped insulating sheath, oil-resistant and anti-corrosion, real materials, insulation and flame retardant.


    Packed in PP bag first, then in carton and pallet if necessary.



    Q1. Can you provide sample to test?
    Yes,  JSYQ provides customers free samples and catalog within one day on request.

    Q2. What's your MOQ?
    No MOQ requirement, we offer Mini pack and Micro Pack to meet your less than case quantity requirement.

    Q3. What's your delivery time?
    3-5 working days for thousands of in-stock items;
    1-5 weeks for non-stock items upon order quantites.

    Q4. What's your incoterms?
    EXW,FOB,CIF,CFR or negotiated with each other.

    Q5. What's your terms of payment?
    T/T 100% in advance for trial order/ Sample order.
    For bulk or large order, By T/T 30 in advance, the balance 70% before shipment.

    Q6. What certificate do you have for your products?
    Our products are compliant with RoHS, REACH, UL94v-0 Flame Retardancy.

    Q7. Can you make the plastic or rubber parts in different colors and shapes?
    Yes,JSYQ is glad to provide the parts in different colors to meet the customer's requirement. For custom parts, please contact the sales to get more detailed reply.

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